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4 sessions
Every Wed
2024-06-1905:15 PM - 06:00 PMPSWC - Multipurpose Room A-B
2024-06-2605:15 PM - 06:00 PMPSWC - Multipurpose Room A-B
2024-07-0305:15 PM - 06:00 PMPSWC - Multipurpose Room A-B
2024-07-1005:15 PM - 06:00 PMPSWC - Multipurpose Room A-B
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About this Course

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The Ninja Kids program is designed to teach physical literacy and long term athlete development to children while building their safety, confidence, and respect for others. Through play, challenging activities, and fun games, Ninja Kids will prepare children for whatever athletic goals they pursue in the future. Parents are invited to participate with their children as required. Ninja Kids is an open-hand physical activity (never making fists) that focuses on helping children to protect their body when falling, improve their physical abilities, and help others stay safe. Most of Sensei Teleki’s training is in Judo, which is translated to the Gentle-Way (Ju=Gentle, do=Way). Ukemi (breakfall) is the first thing you learn in Judo and Ninja Kids, and it also carries with it principles of respect, mutual welfare, balance, and intentionality. These experiences have led to the founding principles of Ninja Kids.

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Age Restriction
2 to 6